“The face contains the organs of sight, smell, and food intake and is an outlet for expression of human emotions.  It is “man’s presentation to the world”.  The face distinguishes each human being and is a major source of identity as it is often adorned and decorated, and in all but a few cultures, is nakedly exposed socially.  The face expresses the mood and is a strong component of “body language” as well as housing parts of the mechanism of speech for verbal communication.  The lips and oral cavity are employed for the display of love and affection.  The teeth, jaws, and face are highly personal and sensitive parts of the human anatomy from birth to senility.  It is no small wonder, therefore, that dentistry, speech pathology, and the cosmetic industry constitute a force to rival the whole field of medicine and the rest of the health services.”


Robert M. Ricketts, DDS, MS, 1989
1945 Alumnus
Indiana University School of Dentistry


Value We believe orthodontic treatment should be available to anyone who desires a better smile. Without compromising quality, we make treatment affordable by monitoring fees and offering payment plans.
Innovation We use innovative treatment modalities including indirect bonding, interceptive orthodontics, Class III and Class II orthodontics, direct palate expansion, INSIGHT radiography, and orthodontic retention routines.
Personal Touch We’ve created an orthodontic practice where patients feel at home. From our inviting reception area to advanced technology and leading-edge processes, everything here is about your comfort.
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